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Take control of customer confidence.
Our practical, innovative video software helps you manage the entire customer experience remotely, at pace.

Provide quotes with confidence. Appraise with evidence. Showcase vehicles. Offer reassurance on repairs. Empower your brand with a reputation for personality, integrity and transparency.

Our video software gives you and your customers a smarter and more convenient way to communicate, make decisions and build trusted relationships.

But there’s one simple difference that drives family owned businesses, franchised dealers and top-line manufacturers like Audi, Mitsubishi and Toyota to choose Vehicle Vision: We are dedicated to advancing your brand reputation, not ours.

Vehicle Vision Assist - Automotive video software
Assist, now CitNOW Appraise
Put control into the hands of your customers saving you time, money and effort.
Upgrade your qualifying process with confidence. Which means more business through the door at speed.
Demonstrate your expertise in action, involving customers in an informed decision making process.
Achieve measurable results
Measure the return on your investment with all the information you need at your fingertips.
A trusted partner to a growing number of diverse global brands

The advantages of providing rich, human interaction in an increasingly distanced world can’t be overestimated, and our partners enjoy an increase in customer satisfaction as well as an increase in spend.

brands using Vehicle Vision products - Automotive video software
3 reasons to partner with Vehicle Vision
We give you greater control of your customer experience
Thanks to our ‘your-brand-first’ partnerships, the good feeling you create goes right where it belongs – your reputation. We build it. You benefit.
We care about value not volume
Our size means we think and act agile when we need to, and you’ll always be able to reach someone you know and can trust with your business.
We listen and react to our user base
Everyone in our user base community benefits from added innovative features, because we understand your world – be quick or be behind.
Don't just take our word for it
Bentleys Motor Group testimonial
"You cannot beat the power of visual upsell"
Nicola Tyrrell
Service Manager
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