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A personalised human connection in a digitised world

Vehicle Vision Sales brings the showroom and forecourt to your customers – anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Created to increase customer trust, generate confidence and support customers through the sales buying process. Going beyond traditional channels and fundamentally designed to support personalised distance selling. Vehicle Vision Sales is proven to help sales environments convert more enquiries and have more satisfied customers.

Providing sales departments with the tools to produce dynamic, personalised video presentations of used or new vehicles.

With Vehicle Vision Sales you can:

  • Bring the showroom and forecourt product to the customer.
  • Go beyond traditional channels to provide a memorable experience.
  • Convert more enquiries and have more satisfied customers.
  • Create trust and confidence in the sales process.
  • Showcase the dynamism and flair of your organisation.
Using Vehicle Vision Sales for a handover - Car sales video software
Record more than one sales video
Multi video
When your customer is interested in more than one vehicle, the Sales video app allows you to record up to 3 videos, and of course take supporting photos within a single presentation.
Present an introduction video at the beginning
Intro video
If desired, you can present your customers with a branded promotional marketing message before they view their personalised presentation. Customers can choose to watch the video or not - it’s their choice.
Many flexible app settings
Flexible settings
Our app service control centre provides a range of flexible options to toggle features in the Sales video app on set-up. Toggle the ‘test presentation feature’ when you’re training to omit from reporting, choose ‘for circulation’ when you want to send a presentation to more than one recipient.
Approver option during process
When you would like an extra level of control or quality check in your process. The Approver option will send the presentation to the selected internal recipient first and if approved, it’s sent straight to the customer.
Your brand is front and centre
As always with Vehicle Vision products, your brand is front and centre. All customer touchpoints including email, SMS and the customer view are customised to your brand.
A choice of template options
Utilise personalised video throughout the sales life cycle. Take advantage of the available ‘presentation type’ templates. Each designed for different sales stages, saving you time and sending the right message to the customer.
Dashboard provides real-time reporting
Real-time reporting
Monitor and measure real-time data in the dashboard. Conversions, activity and ratings along with dealer, group and network performance can be viewed in real-time. Export reports and receive automated reports when you need them.
Customer feedback options
Video rating and survey
Capture useful customer feedback via 5-star video ratings. Go one step further by presenting the customer with a survey at the end of their journey for even more insightful feedback.
Online learning tools
Knowledge base and e-learning
You can quickly find answers to common questions within the knowledge base. E-learning provides short courses and assessments designed to enhance competencies for new and existing users.
iOS and Android app
Video app
The Sales video app for recording personalised videos is the main point of call for day-to-day sales executive use. The app is compatible with iOS and Android. You choose on which devices you wish to install the app.
Increase trust and transparency
Increase trust and demonstrate transparency in your sales process
Demonstrate how professional your business is
Instil confidence and professionalism in your communications and interactions with customers
Increase your conversion rates
Increase conversions
Proven to convert more sales when used in the sales buying process
Increase your customer satisfaction scores
Increase Csi
Customer satisfaction scores increase when consumers receive a personalised video
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