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Training and Support

We’ve designed our software products to be simple, non-disruptive and easy to implement.

Our view is – there should be no IT infrastructure changes required; no costly investment into new equipment; and an installation should be simple.

Each business is individual, that’s why we provide a selection of training and support services to assist your business (should you need it), so your team can get on with recording videos, building trust, wowing your customers and all the other reasons why you chose our software products in the first place.

Onsite Aftersales training - Virtual car repair software
Onsite or online training

We offer flexible options if required during the onboarding process and thereafter. We’ve run train-the-trainer programmes for brands with great success. We train onsite when it is appropriate to do so, and online when that is a more practical channel. In addition, we ensure our reseller partners who conduct training are fully certified through our reseller partner training programme.

We’ve been providing structured training solutions for our software products since 2012, and are very aware that ‘one size does not fit all’. This is why we tailor any training to the requirements of our customers, ensuring a cost effective and practical training solution – but always delivering lasting results to maximise the potential of our software products.


Whether you would like to refresh the knowledge and confidence of your existing team members or you wish to sharpen them up and keep them on their toes – either way, you can take advantage of the Vehicle Vision e-learning courses within our web admin app.

Maybe you want to onboard new staff members; no problem – we provide the content and platform so you can confidently onboard new team members, getting them up-to-speed and certified using our software in no time at all.

What’s more, results of staff e-learning are automatically emailed to a nominated inbox as soon as they’ve completed the sessions. Leaving your key team members the time to do what they do best, recording awesome videos, empowering your customers and laying the foundations for long term customer relationships.

E-learning feature - Technician video app

Our next online webinar schedule is coming soon.

If you need support, we’ve got you covered - from our web admin app to our mobile video apps.
24/7 knowledge base

Want information at your fingertips instantly at any time; you got it.

We provide you with an online knowledge base at the tip of your fingers 24/7.

In app support

Want to submit a support query directly from our apps; you got it.

We provide a simple form with your details already populated.

Speak to a human

Want to speak with a support agent instead; you got it.

We provide telephone support if you prefer to speak to a fellow human.


Great question! Actually, our pricing model is designed to suit the needs of each individual business rather than a blanket price. For example, a volume model in terms of multiple locations as opposed to a single location and so on. Our licences vary from monthly fees to pay as you go. The best way for us to give you an accurate cost for your needs is to talk you you. So please do get in touch.

The Vehicle Vision admin areas are web-based applications, so all you need is a browser to use them. We’re constantly updating our software with new features so the more modern the browser the better. Our mobile apps are compatible with iOS and Android platforms. Before commencement, we’ll carry out a survey with you to ensure everything is compatible and you have the best user experience when using our software.

We do all the heavy lifting in regard to storage and hosting, this is part of the service with the products we supply to you. When using our mobile apps, you will need to ensure you have sufficient WiFi coverage to upload your videos. We suggest a minimum upload speed of 0.75Mbps. If WiFi is a problem or not an option, you can also upload videos from our mobile apps over a telephone cellular network.

You will of course need to ensure you don't have any IT restrictions in place that may affect using the Vehicle Vision software.

You're in the wrong place! All of our systems that you have access to include an option to change your password or an option for you to request your passcode be changed (in the case of our Aftersales mobile app). Within our admin areas you can reset your password by clicking on the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link within the ‘Log in’ screen of the system. You will need to enter the email address that you use to log into the system, followed by ‘Send link’. The same applies to the Vehicle Vision Sales mobile app.

If you are still unsure, then give us a call on +44 (0)116 216 8555 (option 2) and we’ll gladly lend a helping hand.

We know your time is precious, so if training is required, we can tailor the training to your requirements. When we talk about the implementation of our software products, we’ll discuss any training needs and requirements with you and work around what suits you best. This may be onsite, online or indeed training your trainers so you can role out at your pace and so on.

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