Aftersales - Vehicle Vision
Providing confidence and reassurance.

Vehicle Vision Aftersales, the original and pioneering workshop automotive video software solution.

Designed to empower the customer and increase customer spend. Provides measurable and proven results. Customers are more confident in you and your recommendations. Vehicle Vision Aftersales transforms customer perceptions and creates brand loyalty along the way.

Our Aftersales software provides you with the opportunity to give the customer what they want and expect.

With Vehicle Vision Aftersales you can:

  • Show customers rather than tell them.
  • Professionalise your organisation and brand.
  • Provide peace of mind by simplifying the repair process.
  • Increase conversions and customer satisfaction.
  • Report and integrate with your other business systems.
Service Advisor using Vehicle Vision Aftersales - Car sales video app
Flexible video workflows
Multi or single workflow
Choose the video workflow that suits your business process. Record one video that captures everything uninterrupted (you can pause the recording along the way) or record multiple videos to capture your findings individually.
Integrates with eVHC and DMS systems
Built to support enhanced workflows and processes, Vehicle Vision Aftersales seamlessly integrates with other software providers including eVHC and DMS systems.
Automated follow up module
Follow up
An automated module that resends amber and red work recommendations after a specified time frame, based upon certain criteria. Customers can interact with the original video and an online booking calendar.
Customers can authorise online
Online authorisation
Customers can automatically authorise any costs presented to them alongside their personalised video. Additionally, with payment integration - interest free instalments and pay now options can be presented.
Your brand is front and centre
As always with Vehicle Vision products, your brand is front and centre. All customer touchpoints including email, SMS, the customer view and follow up are customised to your brand.
Dashboard provides real-time reporting
Real-time reporting
Monitor and measure real-time data in the dashboard. Conversions, activity and ratings along with dealer, group and network performance can be viewed in real-time. Export reports and receive automated reports when you need them.
Customer feedback options
Video rating and survey
Capture useful customer feedback via 5-star video ratings. Go one step further by presenting the customer with a survey at the end of their journey for even more insightful feedback.
Online learning tools
Knowledge base and e-learning
You can quickly find answers to common questions within the knowledge base. E-learning provides short courses and assessments designed to enhance competencies for new and existing users.
iOS and Android app
Video app
The Aftersales video app for recording your workshop videos is compatible with iOS, Android and the RealWear HMT-1 smart headset. You choose on which devices you wish to install the app. It’s up to you.
Support technician videos with explainer videos
Supporting videos
Present your customers with a branded promotional ‘intro’ video before they view their personalised video. Add a library of supporting ‘related’ explainer videos or animations (available through integration) on how components work.
Increase trust and transparency
Build trust and add a personal human touch to your aftersales process.
Your customers will be more loyal to your brand
Brand loyalty
Increasing customer satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations, creating brand loyalty.
Increase your conversion rates
Increase conversions
Proven to significantly increase red and amber conversions when using our personalised video platform.
A convenient solution for dealerships and customers
Quick, clear and comprehensive - meaning convenient for you and your customers.
Don't just take our word for it
Rodgers of Plymouth testimonial
"Of course, a picture says a thousand words, a video says it all..."
Shane Bovey
Aftersales Director
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