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We’re an experienced, nimble and agile bunch of problem solvers, change makers and personalised video activists.
Aidan Rooney - Founder and Product Director
Aidan Rooney
Founder and Product Director
Aidan has been running businesses since 2007 with his first venture having been in the creative agency space. Unbelievably passionate about our products and our brand first ethos, he continues in the role of Product Director. When not working, he can be found with a hammer in hand, though not to be confused with Thor – he’s simply a home improvement enthusiast!
Steve Dean
CEO / Managing Director
Steve has over 30 years of automotive leadership experience. He has an incredible drive to support the industry he loves and empowers the team to ensure all ideas are considered. When not at work, his family, pets, home building and running keep him busy. Not to mention rugby or sailing, both of which spark enthusiastic and in-depth conversation.
Simel Kara - Brand Partnership Manager
Simel Kara
Brand Partnership Manager
Over his 15-year cross-sector career, our Brand Partnership Manager Simel, has developed multi-discipline experience and a natural ability in building relationships and management of key workstreams for our branded Global OEM solutions. When not at work, he enjoys music, travel, history and world class culture.
Mal Rooney - Global Distribution Manager
Mal Rooney
Global Distribution Manager
Mal has nearly 30 years’ experience working with tech companies including Apple Computer, Inc. and Xerox with roles primarily customer facing and relationship based. He now leads our distribution (reseller) side of the business but when he’s not working, you’ll find him on his road bike eating up the miles, applying his carpentry skills in a DIY project or playing some old vinyl.
Ashley Warner - Head of Development
Ashley Warner
Head of Development
For over 16 years, Ashley has been developing complex web-based applications, managing agile software development teams and integrating with a range of different software. Here at Vehicle Vision he uses his technical wizardry to head up our development work. In his spare time, he enjoys skating, skiing and building Lego.
Tim Jarram - Lead Developer
Tim Jarram
Lead Developer
Tim has been working in the web space for over 15 years with wide-ranging experience in development, design and hosting. As a founding member of the team, Tim has led development of the product from its inception. In his spare time, you’ll find him spending quality time with his family or watching every season of The Office US for the 30 something time!
Joshua Fernandes - Application Support
Joshua Fernandes
Application Support
Josh is our Technical Support wiz. Here at Vehicle Vision, he is responsible for Application Support which includes dealing with any support requests as well as working closely with other team members to ensure the product runs smoothly. In his spare time Josh is either co-hosting a podcast or playing baseball.
Katie Jones
Katie Jones
Digital Marketing Manager
For over 10 years, Katie has been helping businesses create great marketing. At Vehicle Vision she is our dynamic strategist for all things digital marketing and creates all that great content you see. In her spare time she is either sewing, gardening or enjoying the challenges of raising a strong-willed three year old.
Juanne Oliver-Jones - Finance Manager
Juanne Oliver-Jones
Finance Manager
Juanne has been working in the field of finance and accountancy for over 20 years and here at Vehicle Vision she is our Finance Manager. When not at work, doing an excellent job crunching numbers and keeping us all in line, she enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the country in a campervan, and leaping out of a perfectly good aircraft for charity.
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