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Our Story

We bring you closer to your customers; provide you with tools to reassure and empower your customers; and provide you with a platform for rich human interactions in an increasingly digitised world.

In 2010 a project began in the automotive sector, with the intention to understand how the use of video in aftersales service departments could increase customer satisfaction. It quickly became apparent to us that empowering the customer through the use of personalised video evidence of their vehicle did indeed increase customer satisfaction. It not only increased customer satisfaction but it also increased customer spend – fostering retention and brand loyalty along the way.

Following this, our software powered a pioneering industry-first (worldwide) launch of Audi Cam for Audi UK. The first software innovation of its kind in the automotive aftersales environment to be launched across an entire franchised dealer network.

Since then we have and continue to be ‘Champions of Change’ in the area of personalised video software. We continue to tirelessly build upon and enhance our software product offering whichever country or region that may be.

From day one we recognised that your business and brand should be front and centre – not ours. That’s why we are best known for white labelling our software products, allowing you to fully remove barriers, instil complete confidence and maximise the business opportunity by using our software products.

We’re already looking to the future, to support and enhance our current relationships and to forge strong relationships with the leading brands of tomorrow. After all, we do have a history of inventing the future.

We've been putting your brand front and centre since 2010
Your system - 'Powered by' Vehicle Vision, that's the way we do it.
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Why Vehicle Vision exists
Why we exist
We exist to facilitate transparency, confidence and reassurance through personalised video tools.
The Vehicle Vision core belief
Our belief
We believe establishing trust is a fundamental component of customer experience, which has the power to transform perceptions and conventional practices across the automotive industry.
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