Assist, now CitNOW Appraise - Vehicle Vision
A versatile appraisal tool that puts you in control.

Introducing Assist, now CitNOW Appraise, an electronic appraisal tool that empowers your customers to appraise their own vehicle.

With no account creation or app download required by your customers, you simply review the customer submitted video footage and photos – saving you time and money. You can then provide fast, accurate, no hassle, first time valuations.

"This is a valuable proposition in the modern retail environment."
Wessex Garages testimonial
"With this tool we’ve been able to add it to pages throughout our site. The results have been very positive. Customers who provide us with visual assets through the tool are much more likely to complete, they’re effectively more committed. There have been no shortage of enquires, so we’ve found this to be very useful. Thoroughly recommend this product."
Chris Wiseman
Managing Director
Assist has it covered

Assist, now CitNOW Appraise, can be an integral part of your appraisal process that puts you in the driving seat. You decide what you need from the customer, what visual assets and any qualifying questions via the nifty template configurator, then Assist does all the hard work. Permissions, geo location, auto save and additional questions -it’s all covered.

Lead generation
via your website*

Easily build Assist, now CitNOW Appraise, into your website lead generation workflow and you can be assured never to lose a lead. Integrate with your lead management or CRM solution to maintain your super-fast response times. Our easy to install JavaScript widget has you up and running immediately. What’s more, all customer stages will always have your brand front and centre.

* Example shown illustrates optional ‘cap hpi’ integration.

Assist integrations
cap hpi
Enhanced functionality for vehicle lookup and instant vehicle valuations to compliment the Vehicle Vision Assist 'valuation' and 'part exchange' workflows by utilising the cap hpi API.
Eskimo Lead Management
When customers submit a Vehicle Vision Assist, the information and assets are shared with the Eskimo lead management solution to be actioned by the dealership sales team.
iTrackLeads / Maddevs logo
When customers submit a Vehicle Vision Assist, the information and assets are shared with iTrackLeads updating the existing customer record within the lead aggregator solution.
Keyloop enquiryMax
Keyloop enquiryMax
When customers submit a Vehicle Vision Assist, the information and assets are shared with enquiryMAX, either updating an existing customer record or creating a new one.
Keyloop Leads
Keyloop Leads
When customers submit a Vehicle Vision Assist, the information and assets are shared with Keyloop Leads either appending the existing enquiry within a given timeframe or creating a new lead in the first response system.
No app download required
No app download
Customers simply use the Assist web app in their browser to capture video footage, take pictures and join Assist Live calls. There is no app download required.
Comprehensive documented API
Assist API
Seamlessly integrate Assist into your existing systems and workflows. Plug it into web forms for an automated approach. Add to your back-office systems and use when required. Whatever your use case, you're in control.
Real-time live video stream
Assist Live
When a video or photo is not quite what you need. Simply schedule an Assist Live appointment with your customer, allowing you to engage in real-time within the web app.
Your brand is front and centre
As always with Vehicle Vision products, your brand is front and centre. All customer touchpoints including email, SMS and web app are customised to your brand.
Use existing templates or create your own
Bespoke templates
Assist works with numerous use cases. This means bespoke templates can be created for your use case, giving you more flexibility to communicate instructions to your customers.
Your customer will always know what to do
Customer guidance
The Assist web app provides guidance for customers. Tailored to each use case template, the customer experience is designed to be intuitive and helpful along the way.
Ask your customers questions for more insight
Customer questions
If you need answers to specific questions, Assist can obtain the answers you need by presenting the customer with a bespoke series of questions prior to upload and submission of their assets.
You will always be kept up to date
Whether you are utilising the Assist API or using the Assist admin view, you'll be notified when there is customer activity and interaction with Assist.
Empowering your customers through video
Customer empowerment
Empowers customers to engage in every aspect of the services they may require - as and when they choose.
Fully automated via the Assist API
Fully automated workflow achievable, generated by customer activity - meaning zero manual effort.
Flexible to the needs and requirements of your customers
Whatever the requirement, apply to any use case where you can benefit from customers providing you with video footage.
A convenient solution for dealerships and customers
No download, no unnecessary journeys and no wasted time - meaning the ultimate convenience for you and your customers.
"A product that really enhances our customer experience"
Kearys Motor Group testimonial
"We are already seeing the results with customers choosing to engage with the Assist system and sell their vehicles using the video app, and it gives us more confidence in the vehicles we are buying."
Brendan Keary
Managing Director