2022 at Vehicle Vision - Vehicle Vision

December 2022

3 minutes, 46 seconds
Aidan Rooney

Aidan Rooney

Founder and CEO

Hello and welcome to our 2022 review.

As 2022 draws to a close, we look back on what has been a busy year of growth and product development.

The changes in consumer habits seen as a result of the global pandemic are very much here to stay. We continue to see the software ecosystem evolve within the modern digital dealership. The pace of this change certainly feels to have increased – which is something we ourselves as a business embrace.

None more so, than the need for software integration. This is a topic I touched upon earlier in the year via a blog post. Our newest product ‘Assist’ has seen a number of new integrations as a result of the product being adopted both by new customers and indeed new use cases for this versatile product.

As an established and approved partner of the Keyloop International Partner Programme, we dived further into the Keyloop product suite with an integration into enquiryMAX and our Assist product. This integration provides real-time updates to leads when customers submit visual appraisal assets, and key status changes are captured with links to videos and photos passed through to enquiryMAX product.

Additionally, with the Keyloop Leads product (formally RapidRTC) – when customers capture their vehicle appraisal assets using Vehicle Vision Assist, the information and assets are shared with Keyloop Leads, either appending an existing enquiry or creating a new lead.

On the topic of Keyloop, we’ve made some great progress with a new video API connected to our Aftersales product that will provide a hugely improved and beneficial data integration with the Rev8 and Drive products utilising the VHC Touch module.

Most recently, our integration partnership with cap hpi gives our Assist product enhanced functionality for vehicle lookup and instant vehicle valuations. This compliments the Vehicle Vision Assist ‘valuation’ and ‘part exchange’ workflows where our customers wish to provide the vehicle owner with an instant valuation alongside the customer ‘self-appraisal’ process.

Our Assist product JavaScript widgets are being utilised on both franchised dealer main websites through providers such as GForces for example, and independent dealer websites to encourage customers to self-appraise their vehicle for a valuation – and we only expect this to increase during 2023.

We’ve made some really neat enhancements to the integration and connectivity between our products internally as well. There is a much-improved workflow for using the Assist product within our Aftersales and Sales products – where we are looking forward to some exciting news following the completion of a pilot in Q1 2023. One of the really neat features is the addition of a part exchange widget to the customer webpage within our Sales product. This encourages the vehicle owner to appraise their existing vehicle for a part exchange valuation right at the optimal point when they are interested in purchasing a vehicle.

2022 has been a rewarding year for Vehicle Vision in terms of our existing customers and their continued adoption of our products. Audi UK celebrated their 10 year anniversary. We enjoyed celebrating both as a team and with Audi UK for this landmark milestone. Audi Cam is the perfect example of our – ‘your brand first’ approach and is a shining example of how it can be hugely effective even as we hit the decade mark.

This year we were again honoured to be recognised for our achievements in the form of nominations for some prestigious awards. We were nominated for ‘IT Innovation of the Year’, at the Motor Trader Independent Dealer Awards. We were particularly proud of this nomination as we have only recently moved into the independent sector.

Additionally, we were nominated for ‘Aftersales Provider of the Year Award’ at the Motor Trader Industry Awards. For us, as always, this feels like a recognition of our efforts to continually innovate and gave us the chance to celebrate the excellence of our team and their efforts.

Outside of automotive we continue to see growth in a new market for us in commercial vehicles. The feedback from customers has been phenomenal. Indeed, we have invested in new team members dedicated to the commercial vehicle sector, such is the interest we’re encountering.

On the topic of new team members, 2022 has seen our largest investment into new team members where we have added to our development team, product team and business development managers.

So, as 2023 approaches we find ourselves full of optimism and excited at the prospect of a great year ahead. Thank you to our fantastic customers and partners, you have been awesome this year. Please do take care and have a great holiday season.