Celebrating the growth of Vehicle Vision Assist - Vehicle Vision

March 2023

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Aidan Rooney

Aidan Rooney

Founder and CEO

In December 2020 we launched our innovative and first to market video tool Assist. The system that puts the power in the customers hands to appraise their vehicles, remotely and easily for the purpose of part-exchange or diagnosis.

In the two years since launch the product has seen incredible growth, with many different businesses noticing the ways that Vehicle Vision Assist can earn their business more money whilst saving them time.

We are so proud to see the growth for demand and usage of our latest product and the successes coming from multiple use cases.

Customers using Assist for the purpose of vehicle appraisal created a record number of Assists in January 2023, following growth in 2022 of 327%. With this incredible rate of growth, we are predicting over quarter million part exchange Assists in 2023.

Customers using Assist for part exchange include Wessex Garages. Tracy Griffiths, Wessex Garage’s Head of Online Sales was integral in the decision to adopt Assist to give their customers power to serve themselves.

She recently said “Vehicle Vision have been providing their part-exchange video system to us for over a year. It enables us to remotely appraise customers vehicles, which we couldn’t do before. At least not like the way we can now. It helps us give customers accurate and competitive valuations without them having to come to us. We were one of the first in the UK to adopt the technology and we’re proud of this.”

Wessex Garages testimonial
Dealership using Vehicle Vision Assist - Virtual car sales software

Vehicle Vision Assist has not only seen extraordinary growth in demand and usage since it’s launch but also in development and integrations.

Our Assist product is continually evolving with additional functionality following customer feedback and the innovative ideas of our development team.

We now proudly have dynamic integrations with key systems allowing customers to simply and easily add Assist to their existing processes.

Wessex Garages are benefitting from having the Assist widget directly on their website to capture part exchange requests. “Integrating with our existing systems, our GForces website and iTrackLeads. Vehicle Vision are so flexible with their product, the team made the system bespoke to suit our business, not ‘out of the box’ as seems to be the norm.” says Tracy Griffiths from Wessex Garages.

Integration with cap HPI offers enhanced functionality for vehicle lookup and instant vehicle valuations to compliment the Vehicle Vision Assist ‘valuation’ and ‘part exchange’ workflows by utilising the cap hpi API.

Most recently we have been certified for our newest integration with Keyloop enquirymax and Rapid RTC.
With franchised dealerships, car supermarkets and dedicated car buying websites all benefitting from the innovative tool that is Vehicle Vision Assist, we cannot wait to see what the rest of 2023 brings.