Diversity in software - we are not just automotive - Vehicle Vision

August 2021

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Steve Dean

Steve Dean

Non Executive Director

Here at Vehicle Vision our software pioneered an industry first for automotive video software with the launch of Audi Cam in the automotive aftersales environment. In 2010 a project began in the automotive sector, with the intention to understand how the use of video in aftersales service departments could increase customer satisfaction. It quickly became apparent to us that empowering the customer through the use of personalised video evidence of their vehicle did indeed increase customer satisfaction. It not only increased customer satisfaction but it also increased customer spend – fostering retention and brand loyalty along the way.

Since then, we have and continue to be ‘Champions of Change’ in the area of personalised video software but not just in the automotive sector.

Vehicle Vision have users and customers across a breadth of industries and it is these experiences working with a diverse range of use cases that helps and enables us to develop our product and be pioneering with everything we do.

Outside of our core sector we have developed systems for heavy goods and heavy plant to name a few. Why do we work outside of the automotive industry? Because we learn from the diverse fields, and we put all of that knowledge into the power of what we deliver to our dealerships.

The experience of different use cases enables us to build a stronger, more diverse product, it gives us more flexibility and we can offer customers more bespoke options and functions.

We work in different industries, but our core is in the automotive sector in the UK and overseas. We have clients across the world, in different markets with different cultures. Having cultural diversity in our team better positions us to recognise these differences, combine advantages from different approaches, adjust and adapt to different needs.

Diversity in our product and our team enables us to be flexible, understanding and gives us the strengths to be better and build better products for our diverse customer base.