Vehicle Vision and Wellbeing in the workplace - Vehicle Vision

August 2022

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Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

Wellbeing is a buzz word these days and a lot of employers are making steps to ensure the health and happiness of their employees.

At Vehicle Vision we have a growing team of individuals, and every member of the team is as important as the next in achieving the goals we have as a business and for our customers.

Keen to promote wellbeing in the workplace and have a culture that supports our colleagues in all aspects of their personal and professional lives we have launched a wellbeing programme.

Since 2021 we have been working with Wellonomics to support the health and welfare of our team, at a time that workplace wellbeing is recognised as more important than ever.

Wellonomics gives our team tools to take their wellbeing into their own hands and at their own pace and Vehicle Vision are then there to support them.

Wellonomics looks at 6 wellbeing areas; Sleep, Health, Stress, Social, Financial and Work and then offers advice and solutions to any of these areas that may be suffering.

High individual wellness creates and provides a team of high performing individuals.

An employee with a good wellness balance is likely to have less sickness, less attrition, lower health issues and increased happiness. This all gives the employer greater productivity and higher engagement.

We also get an anonymous overview from all the collected data to strategically decide if, as a business, we should introduce new initiatives.

The data the tool provides, means we as a business can then respond to our team’s needs and therefore assists in giving us an open and sharing culture at Vehicle Vision.

Finance Manager, Juanne is an advocate for the programme; “On a personal level, I particularly benefit from the expert guidance, and I like the fact that this is refreshed and updated so there is always something new to watch, read or listen to.

It’s helpful that advice is based upon my own confidential check in results and Wellonomics provides the most appropriate expert articles for me.

Wellonomics extends to my wellbeing at work too. It’s helped me to be mindful of maintaining balance. It’s really easy to let time get away from you, especially when you’re really busy. By increasing my awareness of this, I work more efficiently and focus my time and approach.”

“The Wellonomics and Myzone integration is awesome. I am pretty fit and the Myzone facility is useful in tracking how hard I am pushing myself, while the monthly targets and challenges help motivate me. ”