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December 2021

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Aidan Rooney

Aidan Rooney

Founder and Product Director

This year has been one of change, challenges, and growth for us here at Vehicle Vision. We’ve seen significant changes with the need to adapt to new consumer habits and challenges due to the global pandemic, something that has been shared by businesses throughout the industry.

We started the year with the launch of our new product Assist, the only video software that puts the power into the customers hands without the need for any software download. Assist enables dealers to quote for part-exchanges and diagnose or qualify a warranty completely remotely – without the need for the vehicle to be in front of them. We have seen incredible uptake and interest of the new product this year, particularly in assisting dealers with either buying customer vehicles only, or as a part exchange. This has proved particularly useful as the demand for used vehicles has soared. One dealership using Assist to buy used cars – in one month alone saved over 94% on their car buying costs by using Vehicle Vision Assist – in comparison to auction. Since the launch of Assist, we have continued to build on the product by developing more features and functionality, largely based on user feedback and the needs of the consumer.

Assist Live was also launched, providing live video call functionality. Enabling even more flexibility for our users, Assist Live offers another personal video communication channel to interact with the consumer. The live call function has everything you are used to on video call platforms and we also integrated Assist Live into our Aftersales and Sales software products as well.

Customer using Vehicle Vision Assist - Appraisal video app

As we continue to develop and improve our suite of products, we have invested a large amount of 2021 into ensuring that our users have increased productivity and streamlined operations when using our software – by developing further integrations with other automotive software providers.
Now an Approved Partner of the Keyloop International Partner Programme, our Aftersales integration retrieves customer, vehicle and job data from the Keyloop DMS, increasing productivity, efficiency and automation when creating personalised aftersales videos.

We have launched our integration with Infomedia, a project developed and implemented by the team, which gives full 360° communication integration, including activity updates and final outcomes for total clarity in reporting with Infomedia’s Superservice Triage product. Dealers already utilising the integration between our products have seen increased efficiencies and productivity instantly.

Most recently, our integration partnership with iTrackLeads has added even more functionality to our Assist product. When customers submit a Vehicle Vision Assist, the information and assets are shared with iTrackLeads, updating the existing customer record within the lead aggregator solution.

2021 has been a rewarding year for Vehicle Vision in terms of our existing customers and their continued adoption of our products. Audi UK extended their contract for a further three years, meaning that we’ll have been providing Audi UK with their white-labelled product – Audi Cam, for over 10 years. Audi Cam is the perfect example of our – ‘your brand first’ approach and is a shining example of how it can be hugely effective even as we approach the decade mark.

This year we have brought onboard new customers – including a new market for us in commercial vehicle bodywork and tail-lifts. Vehicle Vision worked with the Bevan Group’s Aftercare Response Division to develop and implement personalised video for the purpose of repair evidence by their field engineers. The installation for Aftercare Response is fully branded and personalised for their business, giving their customers a recognisable and seamless experience. We believe this is a first for the sector and this use case is another excellent example of the flexibility and adaptability of our products in different vehicle environments. It’s incredibly rewarding to see our software adding value to the Aftercare Response business and their customers.

In 2021 we were honoured to be recognised for our achievements in the form of nominations for several prestigious awards. We were nominated for ‘Best New Product/Service’ at the AM Awards, ‘IT Innovation of the Year Award’ at the Motor Trader Industry Awards and ‘Innovation in Technology’ at the Leicestershire Innovation Awards. For us, each award nomination felt like a recognition of our efforts to continually innovate and develop upon our products. Importantly, it gave us the chance to celebrate the excellence of our team and their efforts.

Internally we welcomed Stevie in Application Quality and Support. We dedicated a lot of time to ensure that we found the absolute best candidate for our team and our customers. We moved into stunning new premises at The Dock in Leicester, a workplace filled with innovative technology businesses which is just the right home for the Vehicle Vision UK office.

To end the year, we reflect on a year of successes, growth and challenges that have driven our sustained innovation and helped us continue to be ‘Champions of Change’ in the area of personalised video software.