Aftercare Response video brings servicing and repairs to the small screen with Vehicle Vision - Vehicle Vision

October 2021

1 minute, 43 seconds
Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

Vehicle Vision have worked with commercial vehicle business Aftercare Response to develop and implement video for the purpose of repair evidence.

Aftercare Response selected Vehicle Vision’s personalised video software to demonstrate evidence and create greater transparency and trust to their customers.

Customers of Aftercare Response can now review video evidence of repairs that need to be made to their commercial vehicle bodywork and ancillary equipment like tail-lifts and roller shutter doors, as well as more specialist items such as impact protection vehicle ‘crash cushions’. In what it believes to be a ‘first’ for the sector, the specialist provider of round-the-clock emergency back-up and planned maintenance is equipping its field-based engineers with the technology needed to capture and relay video footage to customers, together with spoken commentaries. The new initiative ensures complete transparency.

Customers can see for themselves via the Aftercare Response portal, any issues requiring attention, hear the engineers’ recommendations and make fully informed decisions as to whether or not they want work to be undertaken.

As with all Vehicle Vision software, the installation for Aftercare Response is fully branded and personalised for their business, giving their customers a recognisable and seamless experience.

“From a customer perspective this development is all about building confidence and providing reassurance,” explained Dean Miller, Head of Sales Development at Aftercare Response. “Those for whom we work are bound to be happier when commissioning a repair if they can see precisely what’s required and why. “Crucially, though, we will also be using the new platform as a training aid, to improve repair standards and achieve an even higher level of consistency within our team of 53 engineers.”

Mal Rooney, Global Distribution Manager at Vehicle Vision says: “It has been an absolute pleasure to be involved in this project with Aftercare Response, they have demonstrated their commitment too and investment in innovation.

This use case is another excellent example of the flexibility and adaptability of our products in different vehicle environments. It’s incredibly rewarding to see our software adding value to the Aftercare Response business and their customers.”