Amber Follow Up - The easy and automated way to remind customers when work is due - Vehicle Vision

June 2022

2 minutes, 26 seconds
Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

We know that amber identified work is often deferred – makes sense, given it’s recommended work that may become urgent in future. All the data we have collected over the years clearly identifies customers are more likely to approve urgent or essential repair work on the day. Again, this makes sense, however, you still want to convert that deferred amber identified work!

This is where our amber follow up module comes into its own. It offers additional functionality within Vehicle Vision Aftersales to automatically follow up with the customer via email and SMS when the work is due. The automated process reminds the customer of the deferred amber recommendations that were made during their previous visit.


When the module is turned on, all the settings you need will become available. Watch the video here or read on.


To ensure the automated follow up process takes place, the user creating the job for the customer chooses the appropriate follow-up timeframe for each amber recommendation. The timeframe chosen can be independent per amber recommendation.

As an example, 12 weeks for front brake pads and 24 weeks for rear tyres. The job is then saved and sent to the customer.

Where you have an integration with your eVHC or DMS, the follow up timeframe may even be passed across with the inspection information.


If a customer does not authorise amber work, then after the specified timeframe they will be reminded that the previously recommended amber work is now due for attention.

An SMS and email will be sent to the customer – where they can choose their action, for example; ‘Book me in’ or ‘I’ve had this work carried out’. If the customer chooses ‘Book me in’, a booking calendar page will open in their web browser.

If required, you can cancel a scheduled follow up. If you choose to do so, you will be asked to select a reason for cancelling. This is then recorded for reporting purposes within the module.


There are various useful settings within the module. You can choose which users receive notifications when a customer takes a follow up action. For example, if they request a booking.

The lead times in the calendar which the customer sees, are dictated by you and are part of the settings within the module. Furthermore, you can also set which days the service department is open, which will also dictate what options the customer will see.

These are just a few of the settings available within the module.

If you are interested in the amber follow up module as an add-on to your Aftersales system, and would like to benefit from selling more amber identified work in an automated fashion, without having to make a call to the customer – then contact us today.