How to increase your Assist submission rate - Vehicle Vision

July 2023

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Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

There are thousands of potential customers out there looking for a valuation for their vehicle. Those customers are ready to trade in their car and buy a new one from you.

Your dealership might be receiving lots of enquiries for valuations but not as many submitting their remote vehicle appraisals, here’s how to get more submissions.

1. Explain the appraisal process.

Whether the first point of contact with your customer is online, on the phone or in person it is essential to explain the appraisal process to your customer.

Giving them the details of what is required will help your customers proceed and avoid any confusion which may cause them to abandon. We have an article all about the customer process to help you explain it thoroughly to your customers, read it here.

2. Describe the benefits.

Now your customers understand what to do, it is important to tell them why they need to do it.

Quite simply, the process is actually quicker for your customers (and you) – especially distance customers. You may wish to include an instant valuation at the front end of the process, but it’s vitally important that you set the customer expectation on a visual inspection – often an element that is missing with the desire to simply provide that instant valuation!

Try something like this: “To get the best price for your car, we need to see it! Instant computer-generated valuations are a guide price and subject to a further vehicle inspection in person. After this you will receive the best price for your car.

The simple appraisal process allows you to capture the visual imagery we need – remotely. We don’t want to give you a guide price, we want to give you the best and most accurate price based on the information you provide. It’s all remote, with no wasted trips and in person vehicle inspections for you.

Once you submit your images, our valuation experts will get straight to work in getting you an exact price for your car. The more information you give us means the quicker we can respond with our very best offer!”

3. Offer a guaranteed valuation.

Finally, make sure you have everything you need to make an accurate, first-time valuation. Assist is the tool to get you videos, images, documents and answers to key questions with absolutely no download for your customers.

If you know you need to have certain views of the vehicle or key information, make sure your remote appraisal template is set up to get you everything you need.

This way you can guarantee the best price to your customers with no need to request more detail from them.

If you need any help with your appraisal template, then please get in touch with our installations team.

If you aren’t yet using Assist for your remote vehicle appraisal process, then get in touch today.