Audi UK celebrate a decade of Audi Cam - Vehicle Vision

August 2022

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Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

Vehicle Vision and Audi UK are this month celebrating 10 years of Audi Cam, the pioneering industry-first video software. 

The software was the first innovation of its kind to be launched across an entire franchised dealer network in aftersales. 

According to Vehicle Vision, the suppliers of the software, since its launch in August 2012, Audi Cam has benefitted over 1.6 million Audi customers. Over £1 billion of work has been identified through the system during the 10 year period across the 29 dealer groups using Audi Cam.

Audi UK’s Aftersales Programmes Manager, Alistair Rhead, said: “Audi Cam has been the benchmark of excellent customer experience in the Audi network for a decade now. Over the 10 years since its launch and especially throughout the recent COVID challenging years there has been even more change to customer behaviour. Vehicle Vision have continued to go above and beyond, by reducing physical contact with customers through quickly rolling out Pay Online and continuously evolving the Audi Cam system to make it more efficient for our Centre partners. 

Vehicle Vision are a great supplier not only through the product they offer, but the people that work with us to support our network giving a world class product. So much so, the Audi UK Audi Cam Model is now replicated multiple times around the globe.” 
Vehicle Vision’s Product Director and Founder, Aidan Rooney, said: “10 years is indeed a landmark, however, the results and improvements we continue to see are what really fire us up. We’re seeing incredible customer interaction rates of 88% on average, which shows how engaged the Audi customers are with video. In the past 5 years we’ve seen a 140% increase in work approved online and average invoice values of customer approved work have soared from £173 to £512, that’s a 196% increase.

These are incredible stats, and they don’t happen by chance. They are the result of the forward-thinking mindset of the brand, the retail partners and the ‘brand first’ proposition that is Audi Cam – something that we have always been advocates of. We’ve continued development to ensure our products adapt with consumer behaviour but the power of the fully ‘on-brand’ experience increasing trust, professionalism and retention for the network cannot be underestimated.”