Giving the best valuation - Vehicle Vision

October 2023

1 minute, 19 seconds
Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

One of the advantages of using the remote valuation tool, Assist, is that it enables you to give a more accurate first time valuation for a vehicle. Being able to review videos, photos and detailed information means you are making an informed judgement on what to offer.

Online valuation tools are not new and many car buying services offer an instant valuation, with a clause of course, and always the need for the vehicle to be seen in person before a final offer is made.

Assist means you can remove the step of customer’s visiting you with their vehicle, and once assets have been submitted, a true valuation remotely. But to keep your customer keen it is good to offer an instant valuation too, especially as this is often what they are used to.

Our capHPI integration, takes the valuation process a step further, with enhanced functionality offering vehicle lookup and valuation. When a customer completes the Assist widget on your website, capHPI will do a vehicle look up and give an instant valuation based upon industry defined algorithms.

You are still in control of this computer generated valuation as you can choose what parameter the customer is shown. Do you want one price shown, a range, 10% higher or lower? All this can be set up and bespoke to your template.

With Assist, you can streamline your valuation process, keeping your customers engaged and satisfied with the convenience of instant valuations alongside the option for a more comprehensive assessment. It’s a win-win for both you and your customers.