Get ahead in the workshop using Assist for pre-diagnosis - Vehicle Vision

September 2022

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Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

Utilising video in the workshop environment has become an important and embedded process for many. Providing video evidence of work that needs to be carried out on a vehicle when it is in your care can speed up the approval process. Trust and transparency are established, which regularly leads to online approval and indeed, even online payment as well.

But what about those occasions where diagnosis of a problem on a vehicle is necessary. How can Vehicle Vision save you time and money in this scenario? How can you dramatically increase your first time fix rate and diagnose those tricky intermittent faults without the customer even having to drop their car off with you?

Put the power of video into the customer’s hands.

When a customer has an undiagnosed fault with their vehicle, you can use Vehicle Vision Assist to pre-diagnose the issue. Assist is a web-based application that requires no download by your customer, which enables your customers to send video and images of their vehicle to your service team giving you all the evidence you need.

This way you know you have the parts and skill available for the job when the vehicle comes in. And then there’s those intermittent issues that can’t always be seen – using Assist the customer can give you evidence to make a diagnosis.

Increasing your first fix rate and therefore saving you and your customers time and money.

When your customer gets in touch to discuss a fault or some damage, simply send them an Assist.

You customer will receive a text message and/or an email where they can access the Assist web-based application. Simple instructions will take them through the process of recording a video of their vehicle’s fault.

Depending on the information you need, you can also request photos and even add additional questions for the customer to answer regarding their vehicle.

As soon as your customer clicks submit all the assets and on hand for you to make your diagnosis.

You can now plan the job and work required, order parts. Assist ensures your job is time efficient, saving you and your customers valuable time and money.

If you are a Vehicle Vision Aftersales customer, you can switch on Assist and get ahead with pre-diagnosis now.