Perth Honda on Vehicle Vision and how they “could no longer operate effectively without video” - Vehicle Vision

January 2022

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Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Digital Marketing Manager
Perth Honda on Vehicle Vision and how they “could no longer operate effectively without video”

Perth Honda, a franchised dealership, part of the Westend Motor Group has been users of Vehicle Vision Aftersales and Sales software since 2019.

West End Garage was originally built as a garage in 1929 and is still located in the heart of Broughty Ferry. The business has been in the same family ownership since 1972 and has represented the Honda franchise in the local area since 1978.

In 2009 West End Motor Group was incorporated when Perth Honda Ltd was included. Perth Honda Ltd has retained and increased its customer base through hard work, excellent value and a sales experience that most dealerships can only aspire to.

We spoke to Lyall Reekie, Director of Perth Honda to ask how Vehicle Vision personalised video software is benefitting their business.

What are the internal benefits of using video software in your business?

With the use of video at Perth Honda it has given us improved efficiencies and higher service levels. Since using the Vehicle Vision Sales software, we have measured an increase in Sales prior to a Showroom visit, and with the Aftersales software we have more Workshop work authorised whilst we still have the car on the ramp, increasing productivity.

What impact has Vehicle Vision personalised video had on your business?

Vehicle Vision has been a very welcome addition to the business in all departments. Customers love it, and it came into its own during the difficult lockdown periods we experienced in 2020 and in 2021. It gives confidence to those unable to visit the dealership and aids completion of the job or the deal. It’s like a visual guarantee and builds trust.

How do your customers respond to the use of video?

Quite simply, our customers love it, and we could no longer operate effectively without it. Customer engagement and satisfaction is demonstrated in the fact that our distance sales now have higher conversion ratios and parts sold per retail hour is industry leading. We are regularly a Top 10 CSI player on the Dealer Balanced Scorecard nationally and Number 1 in Scotland.

Why did you choose the Vehicle Vision software?

In early 2019 we were evaluating video providers, researching and making comparisons. We chose Vehicle Vision for the value it offered – versus other suppliers – the ease of use and the technology. The roll-out was delivered by a very professional team. It was a “no brainer” for us.