Online approvals surpass offline approvals in 2021 - Vehicle Vision

June 2021

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Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

Here at Vehicle Vision we are seeing an increasing amount of online approvals and sales through our Aftersales platform.

Previous trends on the Aftersales video platform leaned towards the majority of approvals being completed offline. However, in 2021 one multi-dealer aftersales installation has seen more customer approvals completed online than offline – with an increase of 27% in online approvals through the platform. This marks a key moment for the shift in consumer behaviour.

The data highlights a significant shift year on year from 2020 into 2021. Contributing factors include the pandemic and the requirement for more social distancing, but dealerships are increasingly switched on to the requirement for more online interaction and this proves that consumers are doing just that.

This shift in consumer behaviour is a significant milestone, sending a message that increasingly, this is how the majority of consumers making aftersales authorisations want to interact with the dealership.

In this particular case, amber conversion rates increased to 64% indicating that even with non-urgent advisory their work, customers are increasingly embracing the technology. Convenience for customers and quicker decision making is creating more efficiencies and higher profits for the dealerships.

Steve Dean, Managing Director at Vehicle Vision says “We’ve been predicting this shift in behaviour as consumers in retail settings are switching to serving themselves and it was only a matter of time before we saw this shift in the automotive industry.

We can now say that 53% of all approvals on this installation are online. which is a clear demonstration of how the consumers wants to complete their aftersales experience.

This shift in online approvals is one of the fastest growing KPIs we are measuring currently.
The benefits to the dealership are important, saving time and money, but also enabling them to get vehicles back to their customers seamlessly and quickly.
Vehicle Vision’s Aftersales platform enables technicians to demonstrate requirements through video, giving the customer confidence in the dealership and work required. It is this confidence that gives the consumer the assurance to proceed online.”

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