Introducing the Part Exchange Widget - Vehicle Vision

August 2022

1 minute, 25 seconds
Aidan Rooney

Aidan Rooney

Founder and Product Director

In the latest release of the Vehicle Vision products we made some exciting additions and integrations.

Our long standing Sales platform has been enhanced by integrating with our latest product Assist.

It’s a well known fact – the higher your percentage of incoming part exchanges, the more profit you will make when selling cars.

The latest update to our Sales product is designed specifically to increase part exchange opportunities, when your customers are at their most engaged.

The part exchange widget feature is now available – providing the perfectly timed call to action, when customers are viewing their personalised sales video.

With no account creation or download, customers are empowered to appraise their own vehicle at this crucial and optimal point. You simply review the submitted video footage and photos – saving you time and money! You can then provide fast, accurate, no hassle, first time valuations.

This optional feature is made possible thanks to the integration with our Vehicle Vision Assist product. Configuration options are available including cap hpi vehicle lookup and valuation to compliment the process.

Dealerships are already using the widget on their websites to help them complete more part exchanges and essentially make more sales. Wessex Garages added the widget to their site earlier this year and Chris Wiseman, Managing Director of Wessex Garages says, “With this tool we’ve been able to add it to pages throughout our site. The results have been very positive. Customers who provide us with visual assets through the tool are much more likely to complete, they’re effectively more committed. There have been no shortage of enquires, so we’ve found this to be very useful.”

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