Reporting on your Aftersales Success - Vehicle Vision

May 2022

2 minutes, 30 seconds
Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

Providing video evidence doesn’t just give your customers trust and transparency for your business but also gives you the tools to understand how your business is performing on conversions, job status, monetary outcomes and customer satisfaction levels.

Vehicle Vision Aftersales software provides you with a variety of reporting tools, let’s explore them;

The dashboard within the Aftersales portal is your go to for live data and headline information, at installation level, where you can see the data for the whole network or you can select data against a regional area, a particular group or a specific centre.

Data is displayed in real-time and presents a quick summary of key items, jobs, monetary overview, recommendations and video ratings.

Users can then drill down to job and user activity and the same can be done for monetary information and conversion rates.

Users can also export or download reports for granular data and offline analysis.

You can view the data on jobs over the last 7 days, 30 days or by a custom date range. This metric displays the open rates of your jobs versus sent which will help you understand customer engagement and who might need a nudge to convert.

Take a view of what is sold, ongoing and lost by quantity, percentage and monetary value in clear chart view. There is also a report which allows you to compare conversions on Red and Amber recommendations.

Within the reporting dashboard you can also view the average customer rating you are receiving from videos that have been rated once seen.

Vehicle Vision Aftersales reporting also allows you to set up automated reporting, email activity reports can be sent to required recipients at the dealership or service centre on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These reports can also be sent to other interested parties or stakeholders, for example a Group Aftersales Manager. You can configure the recipient list and frequency at any time and very easily through the Vehicle Vision portal.

You can download a variety of reports from the portal to give you more granular information, including:

All jobs: This report contains information relating to the jobs created on the system within your dealership. Additionally, visibility of jobs opened and the types of devices that customers have used to access their jobs can be reviewed within this report.

Recommendations: This report contains information relating to the individual video recommendations created on the system and can be used to review the value of the recommendations created, as well as the number of recommendations that have been responded to online by customers. It will also provide information on whether customers have chosen to proceed.

Customers: This report contains information relating to customers created on the system within your dealership.

Customer surveys: If this functionality is turned on within your installation, this report contains responses for those customers that chose to take the optional survey after they submitted online.

If you want to understand more about Vehicle Vision Aftersales reporting capability, take a look at our Support Resources or get in touch with one of the team.