Vehicle Vision extends Audi Cam contract for further 3 years - Vehicle Vision

September 2021

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Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

Audi UK have once again selected Vehicle Vision as the provider for their dealer network aftersales video solution Audi Cam.

A three-year contract extension has been awarded to Vehicle Vision who have been working with the premium brand since the launch of Audi Cam in 2012. The contract period will see a significant milestone reached, as 2022 will mark the 10-year anniversary of the pioneering Audi Cam.

Since 2012, Audi Centre usage and customer engagement in the video solution has increased year on year. It’s expected there will be in excess of 700,000 Audi Cams sent to customers during 2021. Usage is expected to grow by 10% annually as new functionality and workflows are added to the system. The past 12 months has seen impressive customer engagement with the system in excess of 88%. The increase in usage and customer engagement underlines the demand for the service and confirms that Audi Cam continues to be embedded in all Audi Centres across the UK.

Vehicle Vision continue to innovate and develop upon the Aftersales video platform as part of their desire to be ‘Champions of Change’ in personalised video software.

Vehicle Vision’s Product Director and Founder, Aidan Rooney, said: “Extending our relationship with Audi UK once again is fabulous news and means that next year we’ll have provided our software to Audi for 10 years. It’s a true landmark moment for video in the automotive industry and is testament to the forward-thinking mindset of the Audi brand.

“From day one we’ve been dedicated to enhancing the brand reputation of our customers rather than our own, that’s why we’re better known for white labelling our software products. Audi Cam is the perfect example of how this can work and continue to be hugely effective even as we approach the decade mark.”