Euro Performance on new TPS ServiceCam and how "a video tells a story like no other" - Vehicle Vision

March 2022

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Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

In 2020, Euro Performance were an independent garage selected by TPS to take part in a pilot of using Vehicle Vision personalised video software to increase parts sales and efficiencies.

Euro Performance was set up in 2004 by Gareth Davies to offer an alternative to main agent servicing and repairs. They are an independent German branded vehicle specialist for cars and commercials up to 3.5t.

Over the last 17 years their reputation has grown for providing high quality servicing, repairs and fault diagnosis for German branded vehicles, including Volkswagen.

Euro Performance have been using Vehicle Vision Aftersales and have said that the system has seamlessly fitted into their existing process.

When a customer brings their vehicle into the workshop for an MOT, Service, repair or diagnosis, any defects found are summarised and a video is created to prove this. At Euro Performance, they are always sure to demonstrate to the customer the good and the bad to show full vehicle transparency. “By giving informative detail on all parts of the vehicle not just the need for repairs demonstrates the technician knowledge and gives our customers more trust.”, says Gareth Davies.

The video is added to their garage management system and pricing added before sending to the customer for them to review. “We find that a technician is more trusted than our office staff when talking about required repairs so it is great to have this ability now attitudes towards faults in vehicles have changed and there is more faith in the repair structure. We have certainly seen our conversions are easier and quicker, what is now a five minute video used to be a 25-45 minute phone call.”

Euro Performance were not previous users of video in their business and were keen to take part in the pilot with TPS as Gareth and his team are “always looking to strengthen the brand.”
Euro Performance’s customers have been appreciating the new service that Vehicle Vision Aftersales software offers, and feedback has been exceptional.

Gareth Davies, Managing Director summarises, “I think in terms of the value ‘TPS ServiceCam’ has added to our business, it’s been literally second to none. This system is extremely user friendly, and really does deliver a slick approach. The structure of both the single and multiple workflow suites and end user views, is really well put together. A video tells a story like no other.”

Following this highly successful pilot Vehicle Vision’s Aftersales software has been chosen as the Service Camera software provider for TPS and 2,000 of their customers in the UK.
TPS, the Volkswagen Group owned Genuine Parts provider to the independent motor trade, will offer the new software to independent garage customers in its network.

The personalised video software system will allow independent garages to create pre-recorded ‘walk around’ videos to send to customers to outline repairs, servicing requirements and other essential work on their vehicles.

Customers will be able see for themselves via the Aftersales portal, any issues requiring attention, hear the mechanic’s recommendations and make fully informed decisions on work to be undertaken.

The feedback from customers during the initial pilot has been extremely positive, and has helped demonstrate to TPS, the transparency and customer trust to be gained from using the video software.

Warren Richards from Volkswagen Group says, “We welcome the partnership with Vehicle Vision to provide their video software systems to create TPS ServiceCam.

“The initial trial of the system has proved very successful. It has added value to our relationships with our customers and additional sales and increased efficiencies across our customers businesses.

“The customer feedback has been great, with many of the independent garages trialling it impressed by its ability to aid customer transparency, assist customer conversations and ultimately convert sales.

“It’s another tool in the TPS kit to help our customers be Genuine Heroes to their customers.”

Steve Dean, CEO of Vehicle Vision says, “We are excited to announce the national rollout of this partnership with TPS. We now embark on our continued journey with the entire TPS community, so even more independent garages, like Euro Performance, can realise the benefits added by using TPS ServiceCam. The TPS ServiceCam system is fully branded and specifically designed for independent garages who buy genuine parts from TPS.”

Gareth Davies, Managing Director, Euro Performance