Remote Vehicle Appraisals with Assist - Vehicle Vision

July 2023

1 minute, 43 seconds
Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

Assist, is the video software that puts the power into the customer’s hands.

Assist’s use cases are broad for dealerships and we have customers using Assist to enhance their offering, improve efficiency and increase sales in multiple different ways.

If your business is about buying and selling cars. Assist is the ultimate tool for remote vehicle appraisals and valuations.

It was reported last week that “used car prices accelerating at fastest rate in eight months” so dealers are competing to purchase the best used cars and give the best price to their customers.

With Assist, you can be confident you have all the information about a vehicle to make an informed and accurate valuation, quickly and completely remotely.

The web based software captures photos, key vehicle information, and video.

You already have a great website showcasing the vehicles you have for sale and the part-exchange is often what can really clinch the deal. Assist works via API or a Javascript widget on your website customers can enter their details to receive a link to the remote vehicle appraisal tool.

Customers capture their assets via the simple to use web app, no download. You receive the photos and video and then it’s up to you!

Assist is configurated to your business, you can ask all the questions you want to from your customers. Sat nav? Spare key? Full service history? Anything you need to know to give an accurate valuation.

Our customers say it’s the confidence and security they have when purchasing vehicles is what they love about using Assist. There are no surprises once the vehicle arrives.

As evidence of its effectiveness, over 100,000 Assists have been sent since the beginning of this year alone.

With thousands of eager customers actively seeking to sell their cars. Isn’t it time for your dealership to surge ahead of the competition by embracing the power of Assist?