Video for Field Engineers - Vehicle Vision

December 2022

1 minute, 42 seconds
Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

Vehicle Vision’s practical and innovative app-based video software enables users to present video evidence to customers, generating greater transparency and trust in the commercial vehicle field engineer environment.

The app can be used by field engineers when carrying out diagnoses, inspections, maintenance and repair work on a vehicle, a vehicle body and ancillary equipment – showing their reports and any issues via video and audio commentary.

One business using the software in this use case is Aftercare Response, who not only are benefiting from the transparency to their customers but also use the software as a training aid, to improve repair standards and achieve an even higher level of consistency within their team of 53 engineers.

Once the engineer has recorded the video, customers (commercial vehicle owners and other key stakeholders) can see the engineers personalised video report via a dedicated and secure webpage and make fully informed decisions as to what work they want to undertake.

As with all Vehicle Vision software, these solutions are fully branded for a business, giving customers a recognisable and seamless experience. It simplifies the service and repair process, breaks down barriers between the field engineer environment and the customer and supports customers in the decision-making process.

Customers can see evidence for themselves, rather than being told, and a video demonstrates issues in a way that narrative or a photo just cannot show.

“From a customer perspective this development is all about building confidence and providing reassurance,” explained Dean Miller, Head of Sales Development at Aftercare Response. “Those for whom we work are bound to be happier when commissioning a repair if they can see precisely what’s required and why.”

Vehicle Vision have worked with other commercial vehicle businesses in 2022 including Atlas repairs who are using the software for their team of field engineers.

If you have a commercial vehicle business that could benefit from the enhanced trust and transparency that video offers, please get in touch with Sean Rontree, our dedicated Commercial Vehicle Business Development Manager who will be happy to discuss your business with you.